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There is no one way to get into the entertainment industry. Trying to figure things out on your own can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you're coming to the industry with zero experience. The process of getting your foot in the door can also be expensive if you place your trust in the wrong people. Internet scams are nothing new and, unfortunately, many newbies fall prey to false promises that oftentimes come with a high price tag.


Dania Denise provides honest, accurate and educational insight as to what it takes to be successful via mentorship, coaching and consulting. Using this hands-on, one-on-one approach, mentees receive personalized guidance and support in addition to having their questions and concerns addressed throughout the duration of their working relationship with Dania Denise.


Whether you're seeking short-term or long-term assistance, you can be rest assured that your best interest will always be top priority.




MENTORING - Mentors guide mentees and develop a one-on-one working relationship that entails providing advice, insight and guidance for the purpose of helping mentees gain experience, knowledge and develop the skill set(s) related to an individual's goals/aspirations. A majority of mentoring relationships continue into the long-term, with the mentor being available whenever the mentee requests their assistance. Mentoring through Dania Denise is ideal for modeling, acting and pageant services.


COACHING - Similar to mentoring, coaching focuses specifically on preparing an individual through the process of helping them foster and develop a particular set of skills, abilities and performance. Coaching services are typically short-term and end once an individual has achieved his/her goals/aspirations. However, coaching services can be arranged on an "as-needed basis." Coaching through Dania Denise is ideal for modeling, acting and pageant services.


CONSULTING - This approach is more business-oriented and involves providing expert/professional advice, opinions and/or feedback to an individual or company, with the goals of helping them improve their business operations within their respective field or trade. Effective consulting can save a person/company time, money, present solutions to issues and create strategies for optimal end results. Consultation through Dania Denise is ideal for entertainment industry professionals (i.e. photographers, casting agents, freelance models, model scouts, makeup artists/hair stylists/wardrobe stylists, managers and agencies).


For more information about how Dania Denise can help you with your goals and aspirations in the modeling, acting and/or pageantry field, please click on the appropriate link below:


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Whether you are just beginning your acting career, or you are a stage and screen veteran, Aura Casting holds a place for you. We are a talent casting service in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we conduct auditions virtually.

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